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Featured author in “Latinas In Real Estate.” Her chapter is titled “My America Dream”.

What does it take to make it in a Real Estate career? In Latinas in Real Estate, many first and second-generation Latinas share their stories of how they built the American Dream in real estate despite the personal obstacles in their way. From different walks of life and backgrounds, everyone can learn from these stories which take you on an insightful, motivational journey through the world of real estate and into the lives of women who relentlessly pursued their passion! It’s a collection of powerful tales to activate anyone who has been sitting on their dream, especially if that dream involves real estate!

Gina Diaz is a proud contributing author to the WordPOWER Series. Her book is titled:“Gratitude.”

The WordPOWER Book Series highlights the power words truly have. Everyone has a story and everyone has words that have impacted their lives.

WordPOWER, an initiative by Fig Factor Media, brings together 12 authors and 12 powerful words to create 12 meaningful books. Each book is compiled of short anecdotes, personal messages, quotes, and unique thoughts that represent each WORD. Through this series you will see each word in the creative light of the author.

Featured Author, Hispanic Stars Rising IV: The New face of Power. Her story is titled "When Faced with a Challenge, Look for the Solution”.

The Hispanic Stars Rising series has featured over 270 inspiring stories of Hispanic Stars nationwide. Hispanic Star Rising Volume IV will be an assembly of energizing stories from a diverse set of role-model Hispanic Stars.