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When you have no fear of rejection, you can accomplish anything."


Attorney, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author & Coach

Who do you want advising you on starting a business, investing in real estate, or achieving work/life balance?

Someone who relates more to your debit card than they do to you? Or someone who has been challenged throughout their life and knows what it means not only to survive but to do whatever it takes to triumph? (Legally, of course.)

Gina Diaz has experienced it all. An immigrant who learned the language of her new homeland at a young age, she became a single mom at 19. She survived ovarian cancer and a business partner who nearly bankrupted her while she was fighting for her life.

She earned her law degree, opened Diaz Law to help undocumented immigrants, and spent her savings to learn the art of real estate investing. Gina found her passion in investing and helped found We Win LLC to help others learn how to build wealth through real estate investing.

Today, Gina is one of the top real estate attorneys in the State of Illinois, and she’s ready to help you go beyond the legalities and find the success you have dreamt of.


As an in-demand keynote speaker, Gina Diaz is prepared to talk to your organization or at your next summit on a variety of topics.


Gina offers consulting & coaching to those interested in starting a business or investing in real estate.


Gina Diaz is a featured author in “Latinas In Real Estate” Her chapter is titled “My America Dream”.


Diaz Law handles cases related to immigration, deportation, real estate, foreclosure, divorce, and criminal defense.