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About Gina

"Miracles do happen, and I’m proof of it."


Gina Diaz is a resilient attorney who has overcome incredible challenges. Determined to help immigrants find solutions to their difficulties, she opened her firm, Diaz Case Law more than 10 years ago. She understands her clients’ unique challenges and what it means to have someone in your corner when times are tough.

Gina immigrated to the United States with her family from Mexico when she was five and was returned twice with her mother before they were able to successfully enter the US and she was able to start school. Not understanding the language in a new school can be scary, but Gina learned that if she could overcome that, she could do anything if she was willing to work for it and not let fear get in the way.

That “I can do anything if I work hard” attitude became Gina’s philosophy as she overcame many obstacles in her life. She became a single mother at 19, working days at a law firm and attending college at night to earn her bachelor’s degree. Gina knew that the sacrifices her family had made to live in the US couldn’t be in vain.

While working at the law firm, Gina discovered her passion for law and her mission, to help people, whether they are undocumented immigrants, facing foreclosure, investing in real estate, or starting a business. She knew that helping others would be rewarding and joyful.

She went to law school, opened her law firm, and after having her third child, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 33. In another twist of fate, and once again proving her resilience, Gina had to rebuild her business after a trusted partner destroyed it while she was fighting for her life. She says that all she has been through proves that miracles do happen when you conquer fear.

Gina has become one of the top immigration and real estate attorneys in Chicagoland. Her love for real estate added another dimension to her law practice as clients come to her for foreclosure defense, seeking ways to keep their homes, loan modifications, and short sales.

Gina began building her real estate empire by purchasing and rehabbing properties for herself. After expanding her real estate portfolio, she began giving back as one of the founding members of We Win, LLC, an organization dedicated to introducing women to the world of real estate, and We Win, NFP, a not-for-profit that is transforming lives while providing transitional housing to strengthen communities.